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Welcome to our complete proofreading services!

English Circuit is a team of high-achieving students and graduates who have done exceptionally well in their essay writing, report writing, and IELTS exams. They have scored high distinction for their university writing assignments, they have achieve their target score for IELTS, and they have been through various job interviewing experience.

If you are looking to improve your essays scores, they'll help to edit and proofread your writings so that your expressions are clear and coherent. If you are taking an IELTS test, they will give you one-to-one personalized help to improve your writing or speaking and your chance of achieving better IELTS results. If you want your resume to win you an interview, we will tell you how your resume can be improved.

At English Circuit, we offer these excellent services:

Academic writing

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Editing and proofreading essays, reports, briefing papers, thesis and dissertations

Cover letter & resume

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Resume and cover letter consulting

IELTS writing

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Mastering your writing skills to be ready for IELTS